Different experiences
merging themselves into a new start-up company.

Thirty-seven years of experience in Advertising Communication,
sixteen years of Information Technology market practice,
fifteen years of Software Development for the Bank market
and the Public Administration to be added with
eleven years of work with dental studios:
seventy-nine years of experience in a great newly-born idea.

Writing software and creating applications
to ease every day work and life,
exploiting our experience and working with all the new technologies, especially the Touch ones.

Writing software and creating applications for all,
developing versions for each desktop and mobile operating system,
offered in all major languages.
First confident steps of great ambitions, with a first software already finalised, DicomRx;
and a second one nearly completed, iMover.


Centralizes the use of all the x-rays of the dental studio
on Windows and Mac

Imports,all the x-rays of the studio, even from different brands, and centralizes them through an easy-to-use single software
which does not require the ones provided by the different manufacturers.

Manages, all the two-dimensional x-ray images and stores them in a single archive adopting the DICOM international radiographic standard.
Allows the integration with your management software and associates examinations to the patient and to the individual tooth.
Operates examinations from outside and allows you to burn the client CD.

Visualizes, measures and edits all two-dimensional x-ray images, adopting innovative filters, managing brightness and contrast, application of CLUT, making measurements.
Tracks all original data saving the history of all changes.

Software for the management of stock and cash, for any store and for all products.
Standalone version for the store management up to two users
Client / Server version for the management of multiple Stores

Multiplatform software (Mac and Windows) and multilingual.
Soon the version for Apple computers will be released.

Key features:
It has all the functions necessary for handling and sale, also with receipt, of any goods, including clothing or products that require tracking of batches and serial numbers;
Easily adaptable to specific client needs;
Visual inspection of the goods both at the warehouse and at the till.
Manages the Fidelity card.
The till handles multiple clients simultaneously.
Intuitive interface on two levels: easy and quick for daily operations (till), and an easy and intuitive one for the various management operations.
It interfaces with all the equipment for bar code reading.


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